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Skandér Mjaied

Expensia, Junior Full Stack Developer
After graduation I did not know where to start my job search, I saw the announcement of the TalentPool at FivePoints I thought it was a simple training, but it was not the case I really worked as a FullStack developer during the program applying agile methodology and real projects.

  • NodeJS 82%
  • Agile Methodology 72%
  • Angular 80%

Fatma Bezine

Le Pti Chef, CTO 
Today I am the CTO of an innovative startup, my experience at FivePoints opened me the doors of the entrepreneurial community, thank you to all the team of coaches.


  • .Net 74%
  • Agile Methodology 92%
  • Angular 86%

Mokhles hadj Hsine

Looking for an opportunity, Full Stack Developer 
I chose to renew the FivePoints experience, I attended two consecutive programs, now I feel that I can easily integrate the business world Thank you FiveP


  • NodeJS 82%
  • Agile Methodology 72%
  • Angular 80%

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Expensya, CTO
Having a talent pool with us allows us to recruit talents who have worked on our technologies and ready to be operational, it saves us to spend time and money to integrate our new recruits.

Hamdi Missaoui

Full Stack, CEO
Since our partnership with FivePoints we are gaining a lot of time on recruitment, we have operational profiles and especially trained on the new technologies requested by our customers

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